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Modility receives further funding from BMDV

The technical development of further innovations at Modility, the booking and brokerage platform for Combined Transport, is funded as of November 2022 by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) in the context of their 'Future Rail Freight Transport' program. The funding will be used to accelerate the development and integration of new features and thus attract new customer segments on the supply and demand side. The project will run until October 2024.

Managing Director Hendrik-Emmanuel Eichentopf considers the funding of Modility to be a recognition of the positive development over the past months. "Since the market launch in March 2021, we have made tremendous progress with Modility. The successful pilot phase as well as increasing user and booking numbers have shown the great demand and potential for our solution in the market. With the new funding, we can now take Modility to the next level in terms of functionality and thus facilitate the switch to more climate-friendly CT for our users." The pilot phase of Modility had been funded by the BMDV as part of the 'Future Rail Freight Transport' program as well.

New customer segments through technical innovations

The objective of the demonstrator project that has now started is to attract additional customer segments on the supply and demand side through new innovations. "During the pilot phase, we spoke to a range of different com- panies that would like to use Modility but have very specific requirements," says Eichentopf. "We have to take these into account to ensure that our online platform can be used in day-to-day operations and becomes a market standard." Therefore, the implementation of three sets of measures is scheduled which consist of functional and modular innovations as well as market opening actions. Specifically, this involves more precise illustration of transport prices and available train capacities, acceleration and simplification of the booking process, and mapping of processes for major client organizations. In addition, an option for the technical integration of other transport platforms is to be implemented.

Increasing offerings, users and bookings

Since its official market launch in March 2021, Modility has been growing continuously. As of today, 40 train operators are already registered, offering a range of more than 650 bookable rail connections throughout Europe with around 2,500 departures per week via the portal. In total, more than 350 users are registered with Modility. "We are increasingly noticing that with the growing range of transport options at Modility, we are not only an information site, but also a matchmaker between supply and demand," states Eichentopf. The targeted booking volume for this year in the four-digit range was exceeded. In 2023, it should continue to grow - also with the help of the new funding.

About Modility

Modility developed a digital booking and brokerage platform for intermodal transport. Train operators can offer their capacities online via the portal and freight forwarders can easily find and book them. In this way, Modility is to become the central access point to Combined Transport and facilitates the switch to more climate-friendly transportation.